"You want to shove her deeper, so that she screams with delight, to squeeze you with her legs. Bend over and touch her breasts, as she sways to the beat of your movements, touch her breasts with your breasts, with the very nipples"
God knows how many relatives my wife has. I lost count and long ago lost count of all these aunts, sisters, brothers and uncles. I can’t even remember in the face, not like the names. As guests begin, so at least shout the guard. And everyone needs to be greeted, treated, appeased. It's not that greed has seized, it's a pity for money for grub. Not even at all. Only now it takes a lot of time for all these presentations and receptions.
Oh, and today is Friday.
She giggled.
liveartbcs.com/belize/04-02-2022. Somehow, in about 20 minutes I arrived, found out the number of the apartment, because I didn’t remember shit during the day and went up to the floor. When I entered the apartment, I wondered how everything would go on and how long I would be so stressed. But what makes my Anyuta so beautiful is her ability to understand what to do. A minute later, she did an unexpected and strange act, at first she asked, “Are you very worried?” I answered “yes” and she smiled, with the words “then let's do it like this”, with a slight movement she pulled off her T-shirt, exposing a small amazing chest, and then dropped her sweatpants, pulled them off her feet with her legs and remained completely naked, barefoot and I swear to you she looked just amazing.
With a taxi, I was lucky a young guy for three rubles quickly rushed to the airport. We made it! And he even agreed to wait, I promised him a whole five for the return trip. So that's great! I'm going to meet! Here are the flowers for sale at the entrance!
Recorded from the words of his wife. A little embellished, but Sveta says that it is almost the same as it was.
Lyudka went to give her mother the keys to the suite and take the dishes to the restaurant. And I'm in my room to sleep, I'm tired of something.